EJVES Extra Abstract| Volume 44, ISSUE 3, P356, September 2012

Endovascular Retrieval of Fragmented Central Venous Access Device Catheters: A Management Protocol Based on Catheter Location

Open ArchivePublished:May 14, 2012DOI:
      Introduction: Fragmented central venous access device (CVAD) catheters can be retrieved percutaneously but a pertinent approach for catheters in various locations has not been addressed.
      Report: Comparing 14 fragmented CVAD catheters managed with direct snaring with 35 catheters treated by a modified protocol with repositioning of intrapulmonary or intracardiac catheters (21/35 cases) to the inferior vena cava before snaring, the latter group had a shorter fluoroscopic time (23.0 ± 10.6 vs. 11.0 ± 4.0 min, P = 0.005) and less chest symptoms (42.8% vs. 8.7%, P = 0.011).
      Conclusion: Fragmented CVAD catheters managed with a modified protocol with repositioning before snaring are feasible with reductions in fluoroscopic time and chest symptoms.

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