Haemostatic Gauze Emerging From The Neck Incision Five Months after Carotid Endarterectomy

Open ArchivePublished:March 08, 2017DOI:
      A 71 year old male was re-operated on 48 hours after a right carotid endarterectomy (with Dacron patch) for evacuation of a neck haematoma. Meticulous haemostasis, placement of absorbable haemostatic gauze (SIDA-CEL, Sidapharm, Thessaloniki, Greece; estimated absorption time 21–28 days) and drain, was undertaken. Broad spectrum antibiotics were administered for 5 days. Five months later, signs of wound infection and two areas of skin dehiscence appeared with foreign material in one of them. Computed tomography revealed only superficial involvement (red arrow). Infected soft tissue and the intact haemostatic gauze (yellow arrow) were excised without needing patch removal. Staphylococcus aureus was grown from cultures.

      Editor's Comment

      A biodegradable hemostatic product that does not degrade within the prescribed time has effectively behaved as a retained foreign body which in principle is a ‘never event’. The editors are informed that this has been reported to the manufacturer for appropriate action.


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