Coup D’Oeil| Volume 54, ISSUE 1, P93, July 2017

Gastric erosion by abscess 15 years after mesenteric bypass surgery

Open ArchivePublished:March 30, 2017DOI:
      A 59 year old woman presented with fever, urinary frequency, and lower backache. A contrast enhanced abdominal computed tomography scan revealed a mass (arrow head) between the stomach (asterisk), pancreas (rectangle), and a thrombosed aorto-mesenteric Dacron graft (arrow), which had been created 15 years previously for abdominal angina. Radiologists of different subspecialties could not reach consensus on the aetiology. Intra-operatively, despite omental covering during the last operation, a thick walled abscess with gastric erosion was seen. The graft was successfully removed without the need for replacement thanks to a second patent retrograde mesenteric bypass that was created 8 years previously without visible signs of infection.


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