COVID Fingers: Another Severe Vascular Manifestation

Open ArchivePublished:August 14, 2020DOI:
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      An 86 year old woman presented in April 2020 with black fingers. She had dry gangrene of the second, fourth, and fifth fingers of the right hand (A and B). In March, she had acute coronary syndrome and was put on dual antiplatelet therapy. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she underwent oropharyngeal swab testing, which was positive for COVID-19. Arterial duplex ultrasonography showed monophasic flow with fast diastolic drop in the common digital arteries. She had no other clinical manifestations of COVID-19. After receiving a therapeutic dose of low molecular weight heparin, her necrotic fingers were amputated without complications; histopathology revealed digital intravascular thrombosis.


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