Coup D’Oeil| Volume 61, ISSUE 1, P127, January 2021

COVID-19 and Brachial Artery Shotgun Injury

Open ArchivePublished:August 17, 2020DOI:
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      A 77 year old man quarantined with his COVID-19 positive family developed respiratory symptoms and attempted suicide. Trauma computed tomography showed multiple shot pellets in the chest and left arm (A, B); angiography was inconclusive because of metal artefact. Diminished radial and missing ulnar pulses were noted. Emergency surgery in a dedicated COVID-19 operation room showed a single penetration injury of the proximal brachial artery with thrombosis. Soft tissue exploration, Fogarty catheter thrombectomy, sutured arterial repair, and fasciotomy were performed. After COVID-19 confirmation, follow up imaging was omitted (palpable peripheral pulses and preserved upper limb function). The patient is stable, with intermittent nasal oxygen at the COVID-19 care unit.


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