Acknowledgement of Reviewers

        The quality of any scientific journal depends on the quality of its peer review process. Reviewers donate their time for this altruistic activity and often receive only little recognition. They are, however, selected based on their expertise, and each review received by the Editors is rated according to quality.
        We have been impressed by the quality of the reviews undertaken in 2020. Our reviewers have been of inestimable help in assessing the merit of papers submitted to the Journal, and they have often enhanced the overall quality of accepted manuscripts by their critical analyses and suggestions about how a paper might be improved. The overall quality of the EJVES can therefore be attributed to a large extent to the quality of its reviewers.
        The Editors would like to pay tribute to the following 417 reviewers who are listed in alphabetical order and who completed a total of 3281 reviews during 2020 (individual totals over the past 12 months in brackets). As a token of our appreciation reviewers are granted a 30 days free access to Scopus and Science Direct after each review, and they can download reviewer certificates for their EJVES reviews by registering with the Elsevier Reviewer Hub:
        The Editors are very grateful for the outstanding contribution of the EJVES reviewers and look forward to working with them in 2021.
        F. Dick, Editor-in-Chief
        M. Björck, Senior Editor
        Tabled 1
        Anne Abbott, Australia (6)
        Hassan Abdelsalam, Egypt (2)
        Said Abisi, United Kingdom (3)
        Stefan Acosta, Sweden (11)
        Donald Adam, United Kingdom (7)
        Jean-Marc Alsac, France (1)
        Pere Altes Mas, Spain (16)
        Francisco Álvarez Marcos, Spain (44)
        Kwame Amankwah, United States (30)
        Graeme Ambler, United Kingdom (15)
        Aikaterini Angeli, Greece (4)
        Michele Antonello, Italy (15)
        George Antoniou, United Kingdom (6)
        Joseph Archie, United States (39)
        Matthew Armon, United Kingdom (2)
        Reda Awad, United Kingdom (21)
        Nobuyoshi Azuma, JAPAN (8)
        Hassan Baderkhan, Sweden (6)
        Niels Baekgaard, Denmark (14)
        Peter Balaz, Czech Republic (14)
        F. Bastos Goncalves, Portugal (28)
        Jonathan Beard, United Kingdom (2)
        Adam Beck, (20)
        Jean-Pierre Becquemin, France (11)
        Christian A. Behrendt, Germany (74)
        Charles Beiles, Australia (3)
        Sergi Bellmunt, Spain (13)
        Ruth Benson, United Kingdom (11)
        Xavier Berard, France (21)
        Guillaume Béraud, France (2)
        David Bergqvist, Sweden (2)
        Efthymios Beropoulis, Germany (4)
        Luca Bertoglio, Italy (3)
        Fausto Biancari, Finland (5)
        Lukla Biasi, United Kingdom (4)
        Colin Bicknell, United Kingdom (8)
        Moritz Bischoff, Germany (3)
        Theodosios Bisdas, Germany (2)
        Haraldur Bjarnason, United States (9)
        Martin Björck, Sweden (26)
        James Black, United States (7)
        Stephen Black, United Kingdom (2)
        Lena Blomgren, Sweden (4)
        David Bosanquet, United Kingdom (3)
        Matt Bown, United Kingdom (2)
        Jonathan Boyle, United Kingdom (33)
        Patricia B. Ambrosi, United Kingdom (2)
        Andrew Bradbury, United Kingdom (1)
        Bruce Braithwaite, United Kingdom (8)
        Daniela Branzan, Germany (12)
        Kim Bredahl, Denmark (2)
        John Brennan, United Kingdom (4)
        Julie Brittenden, United Kingdom (1)
        Marianne Brodmann, Austria (5)
        Elias Brountzos, Greece (1)
        Jan Brunkwall, Germany (6)
        Jacob Budtz-Lilly, Denmark (11)
        Jaap Buth, Netherlands (5)
        Alberto Caggiati, Italy (9)
        Marc Cairols, Spain (39)
        Piergiorgio Cao, Italy (13)
        Patrick Carpentier, France (1)
        Daniel Carradice, United Kingdom (5)
        Dumitru Casian, Moldova, (13)
        Attilio Cavezzi, Italy (1)
        Manfred Cejna, Austria (1)
        Anne Cervin, Sweden (2)
        Nabil Chakfé, France (26)
        Arindam Chaudhuri, United Kingdom (10)
        Stephen W.K. Cheng, China (6)
        Edward Choke, Singapore (23)
        Andrew Choong, Singapore (1)
        Enrico Cieri, Italy (2)
        Trevor Cleveland, United Kingdom (1)
        Rachel Clough, France (4)
        Tina Cohnert, Austria (12)
        Ivan Constenla, Spain (8)
        Michael Conte, United States (1)
        Raphael Coscas, France (27)
        Patrick Coughlin, United Kingdom (11)
        Jack Cronenwett, United States (2)
        Martin Czerny, Germany (1)
        Jean-Michel Davaine, France (3)
        Robert Davies, United Kingdom (17)
        Joe Dawson, Australia (5)
        Gert J. de Borst, Netherlands (26)
        Jorg De Bruin, United Kingdom (2)
        Gianmarco de Donato, Italy (2)
        Rick de Graaf, Germany (1)
        Joaquin de Haro, Spain (1)
        Stefan De Hert, Belgium (3)
        Dominique de Kleijn, Netherlands (5)
        Nelson De Luccia, Brazil (7)
        Marianne De Maeseneer, Netherlands (13)
        Jean-Paul de Vries, Netherlands (26)
        Mark de Wolf, Netherlands (1)
        Sebastian E. Debus, Germany (16)
        Sebastien Deglise, Switzerland (24)
        Demosthenes Dellagrammaticas, Sweden (7)
        Mital Desai, United Kingdom (14)
        Luca di Marzo, Italy (1)
        Nuno Dias, Sweden (30)
        Florian Dick, Switzerland (9)
        Lea Dijksman, Netherlands (2)
        Christoph Domenig, Austria (2)
        Konstantinos Donas, Germany (2)
        Hasan Dosluoglu, United States (53)
        Barry Doyle, Australia (1)
        Laura Drudi, Canada (1)
        Anna Dupree, Germany (3)
        Jonothan Earnshaw, United Kingdom (7)
        Balthasar Eberle, Switzerland (3)
        Hans-Henning Eckstein, Germany (3)
        Michael Edmonds, United Kingdom (4)
        Bridget Egan, Ireland (2)
        Ahmed Elbadawy, Egypt (12)
        Carlota F. Prendes, Germany (25)
        Gianluca Faggioli, Italy (13)
        Mårten Falkenberg, Sweden (6)
        Florian Falter, United Kingdom (1)
        Leslie Fiengo, United Kingdom (3)
        Robert Fitridge, Australia (12)
        Inge Fourneau, Belgium (1)
        Markus Furrer, Switzerland (6)
        Nektarios Galanis, Switzerland (7)
        Georg Gallenkemper, Germany (5)
        Giuseppe Galzerano, Italy (10)
        Mauro Gargiulo, Italy (4)
        T. Christian Gasser, Sweden (1)
        Michael Gaunt, United Kingdom (8)
        Yannick Georg, France (17)
        George Georgiadis, Greece (7)
        Sotirios Georgopoulos, Greece (2)
        Anna Geraedts, Netherlands (1)
        George Geroulakos, Greece (4)
        Jonathan Ghosh, United Kingdom (1)
        Triantafillos Giannakopoulos, Greece (13)
        Maria Fabrizia Giannoni, Italy (2)
        Athanasios Giannoukas, Greece (6)
        David Gillespie, United States (5)
        Jean Luc Gillet, France (1)
        Peter Gillgren, Sweden (3)
        Manj Gohel, United Kingdom (13)
        Jonathan Golledge, Australia (3)
        Alexander Gombert, Germany (79)
        Jose Gonzalez-Fajardo, Spain (6)
        Roman Gottardi, Germany (1)
        Anders Gottsater, Sweden (12)
        Michael Gough, United Kingdom (6)
        Stuart Grant, United Kingdom (1)
        Olivia Grip, Sweden (1)
        Prem Gupta, India (18)
        Adam Gwozdz, United Kingdom (2)
        Karoliina Halmesmaki, Finland (1)
        George Hamilton, United Kingdom (2)
        Linda Harris, United States (4)
        Seamus Harrison, United Kingdom (3)
        Tim Hartshorne, United Kingdom (4)
        Amy Elizabeth Harwood, UK (6)
        Stephan Haulon, France (2)
        Ulf Hedin, Sweden (4)
        Frederic Heim, France (8)
        Adrien Hertault, France (17)
        Ralf Herwig, Austria (2)
        Jade Hiramoto, United States (1)
        Sanne Hoeks, Netherlands (1)
        Dominika Hogberg, Sweden (3)
        Richard Holdsworth, UK (12)
        Peter Holt, United Kingdom (7)
        Thomas Hölzenbein, Austria (4)
        Sajjid Hossain, Canada (5)
        Kim Houlind, Denmark (5)
        Geng Hsu, Taiwan (2)
        Rebecka Hultgren, Sweden (2)
        Giulio Illuminati, Italy (3)
        Chris Imray, United Kingdom (2)
        Michael Jacobs, Netherlands (2)
        Houman Jalaie, Germany (1)
        Hamid Jalalzadeh, Netherlands (3)
        Aleksandra Jaworucka- Kaczorowska, Poland (1)
        Elixène Jean-Baptiste, France (4)
        Michael Jenkins, United Kingdom (6)
        Gregory Jones, New Zealand (10)
        Vincent Jongkind, Netherlands (5)
        George Joseph, India (1)
        John Kakisis, (38)
        Stavros Kakkos, Greece (34)
        Christos Karathanos, Greece (4)
        Christos Karkos, Greece (3)
        Athanasios Katsargyris, (3)
        Manar Khashram, New Zealand (11)
        Neil Khilnani, United States (1)
        Mark Koelemay, Netherlands (13)
        Tilo Kölbel, Germany (9)
        Kimihiro Komori, Japan (5)
        Igor Koncar, Serbia (20)
        Thomas Kotsis, Greece (1)
        Stylianos Koutsias, Greece (1)
        George Kouvelos, Greece (1)
        Helena Kuivaniemi, South Africa (3)
        Sachin Kulkarni, United Kingdom (3)
        Nicos Labropoulos, United States (4)
        Tristan Lane, United Kingdom (4)
        Anne Sofie Larsen, Norway (1)
        Christopher Lattimer, UK (2)
        Miltos Lazarides, Greece (23)
        Tim Lees, United Kingdom (10)
        Anne Lejay, France (36)
        Mare Lensvelt, Netherlands (1)
        Sandro Lepidi, (40)
        Christos Liapis, Greece (16)
        Michael Lichtenberg, Germany (1)
        Jose Patricio Linares Palomino, Spain (6)
        Anne Karin Lindahl, Norway (10)
        Bengt Lindblad, Sweden (41)
        Brian Lindegaard Pedersen, Denmark (4)
        Jan Lindeman, Netherlands (2)
        Jes Lindholt, Denmark (2)
        David Lindstrom, Sweden (2)
        Ian Loftus, United Kingdom (12)
        Lars Lonn, Denmark (2)
        Rob Lonsdale, United Kingdom (17)
        Jonas Lundkvist, Sweden (2)
        Fedor Lurie, United States (6)
        Oliver Lyons, United Kingdom (49)
        Guillaume Mahe, France (4)
        Geert Maleux, Belgium (2)
        Jonas Malmstedt, Sweden (2)
        Wendy Malskat, Netherlands (2)
        Kevin Mani, Sweden (44)
        Ferdinando Mannello, Italy (3)
        Brian Manning, Ireland (27)
        Frode Manstad-Hulaas, Norway (3)
        Manuel Miralles, Spain (4)
        M. Marrocco-Trischitta, Italy (14)
        Xavier Marti­ Mestre, Spain (7)
        Lou Martin, United States (1)
        Miltiadis Matsagkas, Greece (7)
        Mark McCarthy, United Kingdom (7)
        Charles McCollum, United Kingdom (3)
        David McLain, United Kingdom (3)
        Barend Mees, Netherlands (12)
        Wolfgang Meichelboeck, Germany (2)
        Germano Melissano, Italy (5)
        Luis Mendes Pedro, Portugal (2)
        Erika Mendoza, Germany (3)
        Caroline Menez, France (1)
        Gabor Menyhei, Hungary (13)
        Gaspar Mestres, Spain (3)
        Lorenz Meuli, Switzerland (26)
        Jean-Baptiste Michel, France (1)
        Joseph Mills, United States (8)
        Ross Milner, United States (27)
        Bijan Modarai, United Kingdom (13)
        Irwin Mohan, Australia (1)
        Gregory L. Moneta, United States (18)
        Carl Montan, Sweden (2)
        Nick Morrison, United States (1)
        Giovanni Mosti, Italy (3)
        Konstantinos Moulakakis, Greece (1)
        Hozan Mufty, Belgium (8)
        Kenneth Myers, Australia (6)
        Konstantinos Mylonas, Greece (1)
        Sandip Nandhra, United Kingdom (2)
        Ross Naylor, United Kingdom (13)
        Olle Nelzen, Sweden (10)
        Philippe Nicolini, France (2)
        Joakim Nordanstig, Sweden (49)
        Lars Norgren, Sweden (14)
        Isaac Nyamekye, United Kingdom (1)
        Gustavo Oderich, United States (3)
        Mickaël Ohana, France (3)
        Kyriakos Oikonomou, Germany (4)
        Olivier Hartung, France (1)
        Frank Padberg, United States (26)
        David Pakeliani, Italy (10)
        Luis Palena, Italy (1)
        Kosmas Paraskevas, United Kingdom (1)
        Gianbattista Parlani, Italy (2)
        Kurosh Parsi, Australia (4)
        Håkan Pärsson, Sweden (15)
        Hugo Partsch, Austria (2)
        Simon Parvin, United Kingdom (3)
        Gianandrea Pasquinelli, Italy (10)
        Ashish Patel, United Kingdom (1)
        Nikolaos Patelis, Greece (2)
        Giancarlo Pennati, Italy (1)
        Thomas Pfammatter, Switzerland (1)
        Olivier Pichot, France (2)
        Janet Powell, United Kingdom (22)
        Raffaele Pulli, Italy (5)
        Krzysztof Pyra, Poland (1)
        Lefeng Qu, China (1)
        Anita Quintas, Portugal (2)
        Eberhard Rabe, Germany (3)
        Seshadri Raju, United States (3)
        Zoran Rancic, Switzerland (13)
        Caren Randon, Belgium (6)
        Barbara Rantner, Germany (31)
        Lars Rasmussen, Denmark (1)
        Lisbet Rathenborg, Denmark (3)
        Hans Ravn, Denmark (1)
        Michel Reijnen, Netherlands (2)
        Piotr Religa, Sweden (4)
        Timothy Resch, Sweden (3)
        Vincent Riambau, Spain (9)
        Stefano Ricci, Italy (9)
        Jean-Baptiste Ricco, France (39)
        Toby Richards, Australia (1)
        Claudia Riera, Spain (1)
        Leonardo Roever, Brazil (9)
        Joy Roy, Sweden (3)
        Ralph Rückert, Germany (5)
        Volker Ruppert, Germany (6)
        Prakash Saha, United Kingdom (3)
        Ben Saleem, Netherlands (2)
        Paolo Sapienza, Italy (2)
        Athanasios Saratzis, UK (18)
        Rob Sayers, United Kingdom (9)
        Salvatore Scali, United States (1)
        Jürg Schmidli, Switzerland (17)
        Fabrice Schneider, France (4)
        Joseph Schneider, United States (13)
        Olaf Schouten, Netherlands (1)
        Claudia Schrimpf, Germany (2)
        Geert Willem Schurink, Netherlands (2)
        Niels Secher, Denmark (1)
        Raffaele Serra, Italy (1)
        Ferdinand Serracino-Inglott, UK (1)
        Carlo Setacci, Italy (6)
        Piergiorgio Settembrini, Italy (4)
        George Sfyroeras, Greece (6)
        Joseph Shalhoub, United Kingdom (4)
        Leonard Shan, Australia (10)
        Maxim Shaydakov, (10)
        Birgitta Sigvant, Sweden (2)
        Henrik Sillesen, Denmark (3)
        Michele Silvestro, Italy (1)
        Gioele Simonte, Italy (1)
        Agnieszka Sliwka, Poland (1)
        Maarten Snoeijs, Netherlands (9)
        Rita Soares Ferreira, Portugal (10)
        Jonathan Sobocinski, France (2)
        Bjorn Sonesson, Sweden (1)
        Karl Sörelius, Denmark (1)
        Joel Sousa, Portugal (1)
        Konstantinos Spanos, Greece (7)
        J. David Spence, Canada (2)
        Stavros Spiliopoulos, Greece (3)
        Otto Stackelberg, Sweden (2)
        Philip Stather, United Kingdom (10)
        Johnny Steuer, Sweden (9)
        Bjorn Stollenwerk, Switzerland (1)
        David Stone, United States (2)
        Sofia Stromberg, Sweden (3)
        Sverker Svensjo, Sweden (10)
        Alexei Svetlikov, Russia (9)
        Zoltan Szeberin, Hungary (2)
        Gustaf Tegler, Sweden (4)
        Bjorn Telgenkamp, United Kingdom (1)
        Arina ten Cate-Hoek, Netherlands (2)
        Martin Teraa, Netherlands (48)
        J.F. Thompson, United Kingdom (1)
        Matthew Thompson, United States (3)
        Ignace Tielliu, Netherlands (2)
        Paul Tisi, United Kingdom (1)
        Jan Tordoir, Netherlands (8)
        Santi Trimarchi, Italy (29)
        Ramesh Tripathi, Australia (4)
        Thomas Troeng, Sweden (12)
        Yamume Tshomba, Italy (3)
        Nikolaos Tsilimparis, Germany (6)
        Riikka Tulamo, Finland (11)
        Chris Twine, United Kingdom (58)
        Jean-Francois Uhl, France (1)
        Tomasz Urbanek, Poland (3)
        Anco Vahl, Netherlands (4)
        Jos van den Berg, Switzerland (30)
        Renate van den Bos, Netherlands (1)
        Marijn van den Houten, Netherlands (2)
        Maarten van der Laan, Netherlands (1)
        Carine van der Vleuten, Netherlands (1)
        Karin van der Wegen, Netherlands (4)
        Martin van Gemert, Netherlands (1)
        Joost van Herwaarden, Netherlands (2)
        Isabelle Van Herzeele, Belgium (24)
        Andre van Rij, New Zealand (15)
        Marie Josee van Rijn, Netherlands (8)
        Marc van Sambeek, Netherlands (13)
        Michael Vasquez, United States (1)
        Melina Vega de Ceniga, Spain (10)
        Martin Veller, South Africa (6)
        Chandu Vemuri, United States (2)
        Maarit Venermo, Finland (33)
        Hence Verhagen, Netherlands (7)
        Eric Verhoeven, Germany (27)
        Frank Vermassen, Belgium (10)
        Fabio Verzini, Italy (1)
        Bastiaan Vierhout, Netherlands (2)
        Pirkka Vikatmaa, Finland (23)
        Rajiv Vohra, United Kingdom (1)
        Regula von Allmen, Switzerland (9)
        Marc Vuylsteke, Belgium (7)
        Dick Wagsater, Sweden (1)
        Carl Wahlgren, Sweden (3)
        Thomas Wakefield, United States (2)
        Anders Wanhainen, Sweden (15)
        Yehuda Wolf, Israel (1)
        Michael Wyatt, United Kingdom (8)
        Thomas Wyss, Switzerland (3)
        Wayne Yakes, United States (1)
        Kak Khee Yeung, Netherlands (3)
        Syed Waquar Yusuf, United Kingdom (3)
        Mohamed Zaki, Egypt (1)
        Paolo Zamboni, Italy (1)
        Hany Zayed, United Kingdom (1)
        Alexander Zimmermann, Switzerland (1)


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